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It is all about Empowering a team of deaf professionals to work with you


Founded by two deaf brothers Aqil and Bilal Chinoy, inspiralive is a small flexible firm consisting of deaf professionals and freelancers brought together to work on several projects such as domain registrations, web-hosting, website developments, graphics designs and utilizing technology for enhancing the brand images of deaf organisations and companies.

Working with Us

The team of inspiralive come to you with an innovation, creativity and an attitude to imbibe new ideas, all bundled together with professionalism and a constant dedication to deliver only the best to our valuable customers.

The acceptance of new projects is based on the availability of our schedule and will be subject to feasibility study to ensure that we can give you our 100% commitment.

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Launch of inspiralive

Launch of inspiralive

From time to time, as successful freelancers, the two deaf brothers Aqil Chinoy and Bilal Chinoy had been developing websites, logos, advertisements for deaf non-profit organisations and companies.

One day they came across several deaf individuals in India and decided to empower them with work opportunities. For this, the idea of inspiralive was launched in January 2014.

Primary Objective

Primary Objective

The primary aim of inspiralive is to empower the deaf community in India and give the skilled deaf professionals the opportunities to work with the hearing world and build their experiences.

We focus mainly on spreading awareness about the deaf and building the accessibility for the deaf people.

Role Model for Deaf
Role Model

Role Model 4 Deaf

Most of the successful deaf businessmen in India are the ones who inherited the companies from their fathers, however the deaf individuals who started their firms from the scratch are very rare. Aqil and Bilal are one of them and inspiralive, when founded, exists as a shining example, a role-model in building the confidence of several deaf individuals to make use of their skills and start their own business.

How was the firm named?

Aqil and Bilal have always loved to help, inspire and motivate people. They love to liven things up. Besides that, they are positive thinkers and strong believers in spirituality, so when they were brainstorming for a firm name that reflects their personalities, they came up with “inspiralive” – to inspire people and make them feel alive.

If you examine the green dots above the three “i" in the logo, you will see the “growth.” They intend to improve the future of the individuals working with them.

Empowering the Team of Deaf Professionals to be at your Service

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