About inspiralive

Our Mission

Mission 1

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

We regard our customers as Kings and we will always strive to provide our services of a standard in ensuring customers' satisfaction within our standards and policies.

Mission 2

Honesty is the Best Policy

In modern world, Honesty has lost its meaning while Wealth plays an important role, but we prefer Honesty over Wealth. We are loyal, fair and straight-forwarded to the people we work with.

Mission 3

Commitment till the End

Once we have accepted to work on a project, we remain fully-committed to it till the end. This ensures that we stay focused, come up with new ideas and dedicate our time and skills for the project.

Brief History

After several freelance work, the two deaf brothers, Aqil and Bilal decided to put their creative minds together to try something new that would enhance the brand image of the individuals, organisations or companies. For this, inspiralive was then launched.

Developing Projects

We have been creating new long-term projects, some by our own ideas and some at the request of our valuable customers. The acceptance of new projects is based on the availability of our tight schedule and is subject to feasibility study to ensure that we can give our 100% commitment in tailoring the projects to their perfection.

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What We Love to Do?

Turn Ideas into Action

Turn Ideas into Actions

Ideas without action are meaningless. From time to time, we gather at odd places not only to fish out the new ideas and dreams floating above our heads, but also to plan and formulate several strategies in making the dreams a reality.

Make the Difference

Make the Difference

We are always constantly improving the projects we put our hands on. The line "We can do this better" in our creative minds is the driving force behind implementing several improvements in the projects.

Challenge is Fun

Challenge is Fun

In work, we love the challenges we faced. It is what makes work a play and it is the process of achieving or trying to achieve the results that motivates us. In the end, we would look back and say "It was the challenges that built what we are now."

Helping People

Helping People

We, at inspiralive, care for the welfare of the people. As a result, ten percentage of the company income is contributed as charity to the orphanages, deaf schools, etc. We also work for non-profit organisations dedicated to uplifting the humanity.

How Can We Help You?
Brand Building, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Design, Programming, Social Network, etc.


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Graphic Design

As business world is a rapidly changing environment in which technological progress play a crucial role, we help to promote the quality and reputation of your company via recognition by creating a new or enhancing an existing brand for your products or services.

  • Create a new Brand
  • Enhance current Brand
  • Renovate Stationeries


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We specialize in representing you in the world of digital technology where the following services add a level of trust and integrity to your brand, help your company to gain credibility and target a wider market.

  • Domain
  • Web-Hosting
  • E-Mail Address
  • Database Creation


Our interactive websites are designed to optimize the user experience in ways that directly support your business model / brand-related goals and are cross-browsers compatible with flexibility for different devices.

  • Layout Designs
  • Programming
  • Online Shopping
  • Search Engine


Besides designing, we do give many types of printing processes, each designed to serve a different output and in small or large quantities for office use, display or distribution.

  • Stationery
  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • Posters
  • T-Shirts
  • Cups

Social Media

In this age of information, social media marketing is really just "word of mouth" powered by technology. We train you to build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers through friends sharing with friends.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter


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We do not only hand-over to you the projects we developed, but also use our IT infrastructure to maintain them for you in order to ensure the growth and perservation of their integrity.

  • E-mail System
  • Hardware / Software
  • Skype Manager

Our Projects
Neat, Creative and Helpful!

Summary about our Projects

Over the past, we have developed different projects for organisations and companies.

For some organisations, we started right from the brand creation and continued through website development, leaflets, posters, stage backdrops, kits and ended with brochure printing for distribution.

You can browse through our projects by clicking on any images and using left/right arrow keys for scrolling.

There's no 'I' in Team
Hard work and Determination is the Key to Success

The Management

The two brothers who are solely responsible for the running of the company; ensuring that the company policy is followed and work is legit; overseeing the welfare of the team members and, most importantly, our Customers.

Aqil Chinoy

Aqil Chinoy
Founder & CEO

Monitors the smooth running of inspiralive, oversees the smooth transistion from ideas to actions and ensures that the team members are well-looked after.

Bilal Chinoy

Bilal Chinoy

Comes up with creativity in graphics and media for enhancing the projects. Takes care of the visual concepts in work.

Hardworking Team

The Team consists of members who are carefully selected based on their professional skills, positive virtues and sense of loyalty/commitment. Though the members are few in numbers, their work output are very high and they are always actively contributing their time to meet your needs.


Muskaan Chinoy

Muskaan Chinoy
Project Coordinator

Being a hard-working and determined person around the clock, she coordinates between the Customers and the team in ensuring the completion of projects on schedule.

Hiring soon

Creative Team

Ripan Patel

Ripan Patel
Graphics & Web-Developer

Graduated with BA in Arts from Gallaudet University, Washington DC, Ripan loves to design new logos, posters, advertisements and has excellent knowledge of websites.

Vaseem Patel
Graphic Artist

With previous experiences at Midday, UTV Toons, Light Box, etc. Vaseem's creativity and dedication to work has no limits. His tools are all Adobe products and Corel Draw.

Sandeep Bhave

Sandeep Bhave
Printing Press

As a loyal hard-working member of the team, Sandeep's interest is in the BEST quality and creative printing outputs at a very good rate and he has never missed a deadline in his work.

Prakash Khairnar

Prakash Khairnar
Photographer & Technician

With sharp eyes for vivid colours, small movements, Prakash could capture and produce creative photos. Besides photography, he's also skilled with computers all the way to the hardware level.


inspiralive is extremely grateful to the business advisor for his voluntary guidance based on his valuable experiences.

Aslam Karmali

Aslam Karmali
CEO-Consumer Division, Eureka Forbes

Being close to the two brothers, Aslam shares his excellent opinions on both business and personal front.

Contact & FAQ
We'd Love to Hear from You!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an idea or desire for particular services that you wish us to implement for you, you can start with a query on the right side of this page. In the message box, please explain your requirement clearly and what you need from us. Give some examples and references if possible. We will get back to you within 24 hours and let you know of our acceptance. Once we have accepted to work with you, we would set up a meeting to lay out the plans in details and discuss the project schedule. After this meeting, the rest will be correspondences via e-mails, brief demos and try-ons towards the completion of the project.
The rates we quote depends on different kinds of services we offer and are based on different factors such as the number of features in the project, the intensity of work, level of skills applied, and the length of the project before the deadline. After taking your requirements, we will quote our best rates along with the concept of what we are going to implement so that you are comforatable with the idea. The decision whether to go for our services or not is yours to make and we will oblidge.

We adopted this tagline because of our desire to help and empower the individuals, organisations or companies in their growth.

For example, India Deaf Expo, launched in 2007, fetched only 300 delegates. But in 2012, when the services of inspiralive were sought, over 1200 delegates (including international) attended. The main reason of the great leap is the design of a good brand, development of website, circulation via social media, creation of professional stationeries, kits, calendars, certificates, brochure, posters, leaflets, banners, etc.

If you need a boost up for your personal portfolio or your brand, count on us for the growth, hence "growing your future."

For certain part of the project in which the specific skills/services required are not offered by inspiralive, we will refer to our partners for their services to ensure that the project is completed to the satsifaction of our customers. If you want to tie with inspiralive and offer your services, do drop us a message in the "Contact Us" form and we will do our best to work out the services with you.
We are steadily growing and hiring more hands to join the "joy of working" attitude. If you have the skills and experiences that are highly required at inspiralive, kindly select "Career" as the message type on the right, and explain your skills in the message box. We will respond within 48 hours.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for supporting inspiralive. There are different kinds of support you can contribute for us. You could refer our company to your friends via facebook, e-mails, twitter, or by word of mouth. You can also use our media kit for distribution or display on your website.

If your support is by means of sponsoring for inspiralive, you are welcome contribute through Paypal (Send to or via the cheque in favour of inspiralive payable at Union Bank Of India, Darukhana Branch (Reay Road), Mumbai. You can also try direct deposit into our account 361101010036864 through IFSC Code UBIN0536113.

Your generous contribution will never go unnoticed, and we will post your name/logo on our webpage as a token of appreciation for your support.

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